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As the name implies, Legal Translation Systems is specialized in providing certified translations of documents for a number of uses, including Immigration (USCIS), Family Courts, Litigation, Criminal Courts, DMV, Probate Court, Patent filings, Adoptions, Insurance Claims, Real Estate purchases, Contracts, etc. Among our current and past clients are several major corporations, including banking institutions, law firms and private clients.

  • Immigration

Among others, we translate: Birth certificates, Marriage certificates, Divorce certificates, Bylaws, Bank statements, Medical certificates (for advance parole), Payroll documents, Income tax returns, Newspaper, magazine and internet articles, private letters and emails, Academic Transcripts and diplomas, personal references, etc.

  • Other Types of Cases

Among others we translate the above plus Medical bills, Medical reports, Legal Expert Opinions, Excerpts of Laws, Powers of Attorney, Police Reports, Affidavits, Patents,Technical Reports, Wills, etc.

  • For Real Estate Purchases

Among other specific requirements, we translate personal documents, Bank Statements, Payroll documents, Real Estate Deeds, Contracts, Bylaws, Business Licenses, Income Tax Returns, Banking Reference, Accountant's Letters, etc.We also provide translation of notarizations in foreign languages placed on documents in English.

We do not provide Interpretation Services.

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